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We offer solutions for your contract staffing needs especially for technical people both from IT and Non – IT background (Software Developer, SQA, Telecom, Engineers, and Construction). You can avail of our vast pool of candidates for requirements during specific periods. The employees would be in JobSarthi Consultants rolls and we also would take care of the statutory obligations of the employees deputed for a short term assignment. Temporary staffing provides flexible, cost-effective and efficient solution for your staffing needs. JobSarthi Consultants practice is suitable for organizations that need additional resources at any point of time. The temporary assignments can last for few days, weeks or months and generally cover up for vacations, maternity leave, sick leave and seasonal or peak loads. JobSarthi Consultants team provides for the best choice of employees available on flexible terms of short, medium or long-term employment. It enables the clients to respond to short-term temporary or flexible talent needs with specific skill set requirements.

  • One-stop staffing source

  • Ensures that employees have the skills needed to succeed for the job, with tested and trained employees, client’s receive continuity of operations

  • Keeps daily employee interactions focused on performance rather than on payroll issues.

  • Flexibility of employment

  • Ease of recruitment and replacement

  • Short & Long-term cost advantages (Reduce labour costs by adding staff when necessary to hit key deadlines and cover vacations etc)

  • Benefits of scale

  • The statutory complexities are also taken care of by the staffing company

  • There are no hassle associated with recruiting and retaining people.

JobSarthi Consultants facilitates temporary staffing on contract period of minimum three months to more than one (1) year period.

Project Based Staffing:

We provide flexible staffing solutions for specialized project based on needs ranging from 3 to 11 months, which are different from the core operations activities. We offer unmatched flexibility and reliability by providing short term resources of the desired skill sets and quality. With our extensive resources and expert recruitment solutions, we provide you with experts and professionals who will help you to overcome your unique challenges and make your business more successful.

HR Outsourcing:

JobSarthi Consultants human resources outsourcing provides the knowledge and resources to expertly perform part or to all of your human resources function, allowing you to streamline internal processes and concentrate on generating profit in your core business. JobSarthi Consultants offers a wide range of outsourcing options; including strategic human resources plan, staffing, selection, assessment and payroll.

Why Outsource HR?

Many factors contribute to an organization’s decision to outsource its HR functions. The following are some of the fundamental benefits that HR Outsourcing can deliver:

  • Focus on core operations

  • Cost savings

  • Transferring focus from internal processes to achievement of business goals

  • Ensuring legal and regulatory compliance

  • Transferring risk and liability for people issues