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JobSarthi Consultants has designed their own job portal for providing best services to our customers and jobseekers

The Benefits of Using Online JobSarthi Portal

More and more people are enjoying the convenience of going online to search for their ideal job. In fact, thousands of people are uploading their CVs to various online job portals every single day in the India. They are certainly beneficial for the job seeker, but what about the employer?

JobSarthi portal is a standard model that serves for employment and opportunities to job seekers and helps the job providers to get a skilled candidates by posting the jobs as per their requirements. JobSarthi is a portal where job seekers can register themselves for free and find a job according to their interest
JobSarthi removes the communication gap between job seekers and job providers
JobSarthi is a platform where job seekers can register their details like personal information, skills and experience with the system, and even job providers can also register their organization details and post requirements with the application.

Providing A One Stop Solution

One of the difficulties of advertising available positions is the amount of time involved in doing so. An online JobSarthi portal can promote their services right across the India and beyond, making it easy to reach people from all areas without having to place adverts in several different places. In this sense the service can often work out a lot cheaper to use as well.

Advice and information

Because attracting employers is vital to their continued success, online JobSarthi portal is the only portal to provide you a free advice and even training to help you get the most from your job adverts.

Websites With A Targeted Audience

While some online job sites cover all kinds of positions, others are tailored towards a specific industry or career sector. This allows you to reach a concentrated group of people who are already pre-disposed to the kind of vacancies you are offering. Remember – it’s not always the number of people you reach with your advert, it’s the quality of that group that is important. JobSarthi will provide free advertisement for our valuable clients including consultancy.

Receive applications quickly and easily

More and more employers are electing to receive CVs via email. It’s faster than send mail and allows the CVs to be sent direct to your desk. You can literally post your job requirements before lunch and start reviewing applicants when you return to your desk. But JobSarthi will provide you access account to manage your candidates and their CVs.

Versatility and ease of use

Some online job portals have several levels of membership which are designed to appeal to companies of all sizes. You can post a single vacancy for a set fee if you wish, but if you have several positions available you may find it cheaper to set up an online recruiter account for a set amount of time but JobSarthi will help you to post no of opening Free of cost with our Job Portal.

Search CVs that are already online

Many candidates are eager to put themselves in front of as many potential employers as possible. To this end many job portals allow people to upload their CVs for free, so that they can be accessed by employers directly. You can then filter these CVs in order to match them to your requirements, giving you a list of potential candidates to contact before you even post your vacancy. JobSarthi will provide interface where you can interacts with Employer as well as other consultants whose are looking for same.

The JobSarthi allows employers, consultants and job seekers to come together in a way that has never previously been possible. One of those job seekers could be the exact person you are looking for.